• Dusty algea

    Dusty Algea

    Hello on the forum :)

    A question from Denmark - and as always, you are welcome to answer in German :thumbup:

    Last summer we did a total rebuild of our Schwimmteich. Now there is only quartz gravel in the lake and the cleaning zone is separated from the swimming area. Furthermore we have made the cleaning zone as a sumpf filter - the cleaning gravel is over the water line.

    We are very happy with the result at we have absolutely clean and fresh water.

    But as you can see on the photos -the past months we have gotten a kind of "dusty" algea.
    It spreads out from the in-lets and lays on the gravel and other surfaces. If you swim close to it the "dust" will spread in the water and then lay down on the bottom again.

    It is easy to clean with the tapir -it does not "stick" to the gravel or other surfaces.

    But it keeps comming back at the moment.

    Does anybody have an idea of what kind of algea/dirt/dust this is?
    Any ideas of why this happens and what to do about it?

    Ask away if you need further information!

    Best regards

    Jens Christian - Denmark :)

  • Thanks Per-Erik

    I have the Hanah instrument from the shop, but the readings seems to fluctuate very much, so the actual result is sometimes hard to know...

    Any tricks out there to get better more stable readings?
    If I take two water samples and make a reading of both - the results can vary quite some...

    Thanks :)

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